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PVDF Coating Process

The fluorocarbon chemical bond is acknowledged as the most stable and firm bond. These products are produced with KYNAR-500R fluorocarbon resin based organic paint joined with fine metal particles or mica crystals as pigments. Thus, the PVDF coating has unique performance than that of normal paints. These performance features include excellent weathering-resistance, acid-resistance, alkali-resistance and self-cleaning performances.

PVDF Coating Features

Weathering-Resistance:Resisting tough climate and ozone attack.
UV-Resistance:Resisting UV degradation and pulverization; lasting retention of original color and luster.
Chemical Resistance:Resisting corrosion from acid and alkali; free from contamination by air and acid rain.
Corrosion-Resistance:Low penetration by dampness or corrosion; lasting performance in harsh environment.
Mechanical Performance:Impact and corrosion resistant; excellent coat flexibility.
Pollution-Resistance:Good damp-resistance enabling the profile to be non-nutrient for mold and bacteria.
Low Maintenance:No accumulation of dust and dirt greatly reducing cleaning work and building costs.

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