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name£ºAlloy Aluminum Sheet/Coil


In the production of aluminum plate, different alloy elements ( copper, silica, magnesium, zinc, manganese, nickel, iron, titanium, chrome, lithium, etc.)was mixed into the raw aluminum in order to improve the mechanical properties and chemical index of aluminum plate. Compared to pure aluminum ,Alloy aluminum plate has some particular performance,which is widely used in some special field, such as ship, refrigerator, mould, aerospace equipment, etc.

According to the main alloying element,it can be divided into Series 2xxx£¨Al-Cu),Series 3xxx (Al-Mn),Series 4xxx (Al-Si),Series 5xxx (Al-Mg),Series 6xxx (AL-Mg-Si)and Series 7xxx [AL-Zn-Mg-(Cu)].







0.1mm¡« 300.0mm


0.1mm¡« 6.0mm


30mm¡« 2200mm




Characteristic & Advantages

Low density,only 1/3 weight of stainless steel

Easy moulding and good formability

Good corrosion resistance

Easy to polsh,dye and coat

High strength character

Excellent welding and electroplating character

Fire proof and no-toxic

Thermal conductivity and electric conductivity

Recycled material



The products made of Alloy aluminum are widely used in aviation,transportation, Construction, electronics,metal products pipeline,mould,auto industry etc.



       Alloy Aluminum Sheet               Alloy Aluminum Coil                   Aluminum Circle


     Embossed Aluminum Coil                   Packing                           Color Aluminum


            Stucco                         Hammertone * Red                      Three Lines    



            Bark                             Five Lines                           Cobblestone


           Embossed Aluminum                Stucco * Blue                        Aluminum Coil*Gold

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