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name£ºAnodized Aluminum Sheet/Coil



The continuous anodising gives aluminum plate lasting, invisible protection against corrosion,while enhancing aluminium's intrinsic reflective properties.The key finishing processes are:electrolytic brightening,which confers gloss and surface homogeneity;anodising,where the aluminum surface layers are converted into a thin hard layer of aluminum oxide,and coloring which becomes part of the material itself in the heart of the coatihng layer.And the material, processed continuously in line with various surface finishes, enable us to offer a broad selection of textures,colors and a complete range of  reflectivities.





0.1mm¡« 4.0mm


100mm¡« 1650mm








Characteristic & Advantages

Top-grade quality, refined and luxurious surface.

Unique and novelty material
Low density and easy for futher fabrication

Excellent metallic,anti-scratching and anti-abrasion
Environment friendly, fire prevention.

Excellent heat dissipation performance.
Easy to clean, anti-static, finger print resistance.

Good weather resistance,the oxide layer will not peel off or flake

Abundant and uniform color,perfect decoration effect


Machinery parts,aeroplane and auto part

Precise instrument,radio apparatus, Mechine shell

Architectural decoration

Lighting, Artware

Elevator & escalator

Solar reflector

Nameplate,suitcase and jewellery box

Consumer electronics & home appliance

Indoor decoration & auto decotation

Funiture & kitchen ware



            35A Hammertone                230  Zebra-Stripe*Silver             510.42 Brushed * Blue



         690G Metalic Fine                    A16 Mirror * Tawny                A17 Mirror * Black



           A40 Mirror* Blue                     Mirror                            N600 Matt



          S915 Stain Matt                   Zebra-Stripe * Gold                     Stucco



       Hammertone * Gold                      Brushed * Bronze                          Red



       Erotex * Gold                         Hammertone * Black                   Brushed Gold/Silver


            Soft Gloss                             Erotex                           Diamond * Concave 



          Brushed * Rose                        Brushed * Copper                   Brushed * Gun-Grey



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